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Digital Menu

It is a digital form of a menu through which your customers can select their favorite dish by using an Android tablet or iPad instead of a physical menu card. Our digital menu provides the ability to display additional information (i.e. pictures of your offers, gallery, contact information, order summary, integration with social media and feedback etc.)
This gives an opportunity for the customers to select their dish with elegance and style. The picture presentation of the food items helps the customers to choose with ease and in turn, allows for a better experience, increasing the average bill value per customer.

Multi-language support allows for the display of the menu to be in the language of preference of the user.

Due to an automated ordering process, there will be lower waiting times, allowing customers to finish their meals faster and thus, the restaurants can serve more customers with the same infrastructure.

It gives an opportunity for the customers to instantly update their feedback.

Customers can connect to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ while waiting for their food and can update their status instantly while sharing about the restaurant.

Reduces the need of waiters.

Increases order value by its picturesque display.

An end to end solution for merchants and enterprises.

Get maximum output in business processes with minimum of investment