YewPOS is an integrated point of sales solution that simplifies your business process

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From booking customer time slots to salon services, all of this is incorporated into one system

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Our digital menu card, order-taking system and restaurant POS will enable you to boost up your restaurant sales business

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We provide a complete point of sales solution for retail stores regardless of whether you are a single shop or a chain of multiple outlets

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Upgrade your pharmacy with a simple, organized and interactive POS system

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Make the healing process faster and simpler with our interactive POS system

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Sell more and make more customers keep coming back

YewPOS is an integrated point of sales solution (POS) that simplifies your business process. It is a unique sales solution for merchants and enterprises with chains of front offices and retail shops. From business houses to retail chains, restaurants to food chains and from healthcare to beauty and spa services, we provide a complete POS software that will cater to your business purposes. YewPOS provides on time, on-budget sales solution to business processes. We provide services for SMEs and large
cloud based feature of yewpos

Cloud Based

Increases the volume output and
productivity with fewer people.
Minimizes the cost per unit, project or product.

work online/offline feature of yewpos

Works Online/Offline

Lack of connectivity does not interrupt the work process. The billing does not stop even if the internet does.

user friendly feature of yewpos

User Friendly

Employees can use the software with little guidance.

easy billing feature of yewpos

Easy Billing

Faster billing allows for a better buying
experience for the customers.

data management feature of yewpos

Data Management

A robust database helps in database management. Periodic backups
helped to ensure that your data is always secure. Accurate and real-time reports are also sent to you so that you can plan your business strategy better.

no billing error feature of yewpos

No Billing Errors

Lack of manual intervention minimizes the chances of billing errors.

increasing customer feature of yewpos

Increases Customers

Increases customer’s footfalls with
attractive schemes and promotions.

time managaement feature of yewpos

Time Management

An automated order-taking system minimizes your order-taking time.

expert support feature of yewpos

Expert Support

Supported by a group of experts, you can upgrade and modify your software as per your requirements.

data security feature of yewpos

Data Security

Being cloud-based, your data is always secure. There is no fear of losing any data.

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An end to end solution for merchants and enterprises.

Get the maximum output in business processes with minimum investments