Our order-taking system will enable you to boost your restaurant business

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We are available to modernize and simplify your restaurant business operations.

Ordertaking System

Our order-taking system allows you to upgrade your restaurant business to a whole new level.
Instead of using a physical menu, an Android phone or tablet can be used to take orders from customers. Its user friendly
approach enables the waiters to take their orders with little to no guidance necessary. It’s a fully synchronized system whereby the waiters take the orders and the Kitchen Order Taking (KOT) gets printed to the kitchen once the order gets

User-friendly touchscreen interface that can be customized for restaurants.

No manual intervention excludes the chances of errors.

Its usage increases customers' loyalty and satisfaction.

Equipped with adjustable sitting arrangement facility.

Option to club orders.

There is a provision for dine in/parcel facility.

An end to end solution for merchants and enterprises.

Get maximum output in business processes with minimum of investment