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Restaurant POS

POS is an integral part of any business activity. Restaurant POS software plays a crucial role in a restaurant business (taking orders, delivering them on time, billing guests, managing inventory, kitchen management and generating accurate
reports.). Our restaurant POS software makes the entire process simple with its multiple payment options and other
integrated features such as splitting of bills, table management and much more. YewPOS restaurant software is fast in its
implementation and user-friendly which could be used with little to no guidance.

Faster billing enhances the experience for the customer.

Real-time and accurate reports and analysis allows you to better plan your next business strategy.

Little to no manual intervention eliminates any possibility of billing errors.

Easy-to-use inventory management helps to keep a proper and
accurate track of items.

Automates billing, purchases and inventory management.

Everything is incorporated into a single system, from table selection and order-taking to reports and overall administration.

An end to end solution for merchants and enterprises.

Get maximum output in business processes with minimum of investment